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New release for iOS8 and new user experience

The team just released the latest version 2.2.2 in App Store! If you missed the previous versions, trust me, you don’t want to miss this one – this is the biggest refresh since our

Everyone’s photos all in one photo book

Photo books are one of the best ways to capture and preserve special events, whether it is a wedding, birthday, trip, reunion, competition…the list goes on. As we have all personally experienced, nowadays, everybody

Moving photos between pages

Each of your stories is unique and important. Our mission at tapsBook is to make it easy to tell your stories, digitally or in print. With a single tap, we automatically turn your photos

Last minute personalized gift for Dad that will make him smile!

Father’s Day is this weekend…if you haven’t found the the perfect gift for Dad yet, relax – we can help.  The best gifts are the unique ones you create yourself. With tapsBook, you can

Rating photos has never been this addictive and fun!

There are already a zillion photo apps out there…like one of our users commented on App Store, “I need another photo app like a hole in my head, but this is so different.” Why

Capture any event forever and relive it any time!

Although viewing photos by time seems intuitive, we understand that at times, you may want to view the photos just as you have organized them in albums/folders (often times by events). From anniversaries to

Create your yearbook as the year goes by!

Do you create and print a yearbook at the end of the year (or perhaps at the beginning of the following year for procrastinators like me ) as a keepsake to preserve the best

Tell Your Story with Magical Text

People say “A picture is worth a thousand words” but sometimes, you still have to add words to a picture to really tell a story. In this post, we show you how to add