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tapsBook is a hit!

Don’t be an app monkey.  Use good ones, chuck the rest. At last count, there were approximately 12 zillion apps available for the downloading public.  And download we do.  Filling our devices with colorful

The power of visual storytelling

We all love to share, remember and tell stories. We are storytellers. In a very literal sense, we are stories. As Guy Merrill, art director at Getty Images, pointed out, the ubiquity of mobile

Hybrid cloud and Bring Your Own Storage – the secret behind Tapsbook storage

As the world’s 1st mobile photo book platform, storage is probably one of the main areas you are curious about in regards to Tapsbook, so we wanted to share the storage challenges we faced

Hundreds of sign-ups from Beta List!

Wow, yesterday was quite an experience. Beta List featured us early in the morning and the sign=ups and tweets started pouring in nonstop…by the end of the day, we already had more than 100

Welcome to the journey!

Welcome to Tapsbook – a mobile app that is determined to make photobook creation as simple as possible. Although we have not launched yet and are still working hard on finalizing our product, we