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Mobile photography is here to stay!

Camera phones have modified the way we take and share photos. The quality of camera has vastly improved too and now, when a mobile company releases a new flagship handset, one of the big

Is the new Apple iCloud Drive the best Cloud Storage for photographers and photo organizers?

Earlier this week at WWDC 2014, Apple announced a new iOS8 and OS X new release Yosemite.  Most media were excited about Apple taking on Android seriously, but few mentioned a new service that

Take double-sided photos with Dblcam

Just read about this innovative and fun app and had to share it! Do you ever wonder who takes the pictures that you are viewing and what his/her expression was like when he/she took

Photos as Real Postcards

Facebook is testing a new feature called “Mail A Postcard” with a select number of its users that will allow you to snail mail postcards made out of your Facebook photos for a small fee