Everyone’s photos all in one photo book

Photo books are one of the best ways to capture and preserve special events, whether it is a wedding, birthday, trip, reunion, competition…the list goes on.

As we have all personally experienced, nowadays, everybody attending an event will take photos – some endlessly. In the past, if you wanted to collect everyone’s photos into a single collection, it would be a nightmare as they would be scattered across different online services, email attachments, and albums. Thankfully, there’s now a much easier way. Google+ Events.

With Google+ Events, you no longer need to chase down the event attendees for their pictures – everyone can contribute directly to one shared photo collection from the get-go. You simply need to follow the instructions here to create an event and send the invitations. Note: Your invitees don’t have to use Google+; anyone you invite will be able to see the event and respond to the invitation without signing up for Google+.

From now on, when you add photos to an event, they are added to a photo collection shared with everyone at the event. By default, all event attendees can contribute directly to one shared photo collection of that event. Google Plus also automatically creates a new album for all of the photos uploaded to an event.

Because tapsBook supports Google+ Photos, pulling in an event’s shared photo collection is as simple as picking a Google album as the photo source! Imagine the looks on attendees’ faces when you share a digital photo book of the event with them immediately after the event and perhaps even give away a few printed photo books as gifts before the day ends!