What to do with summer vacation photos?

Labor Day has come and gone…with summer vacations behind us now, you’re probably drowning in too many travel photos with little time to organize them. These adventures deserve more than to just live on a memory card or hard drive somewhere but to be on the photo book for everyone to see.

Here are 10 suggestions on how to turn your summer vacation memories into an enjoyable photo book that you can treasure and relive those moments again and again:

  • Select the most amazing pictures that you have taken and edit them
  • Include not just photos with people in them, but also photos of landscapes, structures, animals, etc.
  • Show pictures during your entire trip, starting from the moment you leave home
  • Share candid pictures – they often best capture the magic of the moments
  • Add a few stories from the trip in between the photos to make it more interesting
  • Highlight your journey on a map or street map in Google images, save it as a picture, and add it to your photo book
  • Take turns to design pages in your photo book to showcase everyone’s favorite part of the trip
  • Send link to the digital photo book to those who accompanied you on the trip and to family and friends
  • Publish the digital photo book to the wider world
  • Print the book and get the satisfaction of holding it in your hands.