Photography enthusiasts, here’s a quick way to share your work!

Almost all photography enthusiasts love to share their work and view the work of others.

If you’re like the tapsBook team, you get caught up in the excitement of the moment and just snap away and pretty soon, you’ve got ten to twenty photos that you are proud of.

Afterwards, you can’t wait to show you work to others, but you don’t want to share the photos as individual shots, but rather present them as a collection around a theme so the images will flow from one to another. You can use tapsBook to accomplish this quickly.

For example, I love nature macro photography…for me, the attention is in the details. It is amazing to capture details of nature that the naked eye can’t see. I can collect all the photos in one folder on any supported photo sources (Dropbox, Google Images, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, iPad), create the book in 10 secs, write a few captions if I’d like, then share to my social networks or publicly to the tapsBook community.

Here are some public domain flower macro photos I found that I hope you will enjoy and inspire you to shoot your own and share!