Mobile photography is here to stay!

Camera phones have modified the way we take and share photos.

The quality of camera has vastly improved too and now, when a mobile company releases a new flagship handset, one of the big features is the camera.

With more advanced camera phones getting introduced every month, mobile photography has gained immense popularity in the last few years.

The infographic below has some interesting facts and figures on how and why people are turning to smartphones to capture their lives.

A number of data points surprised me:

  • Almost 60% (58%) of people take photos ONLY with their phones
  • Of photos taken on phones, 47% are saved and only 12% are finally printed
  • 83% of mobile photographers still edit their photos by using a computer and professional editing tools like Photoshop
  • Despite the immense popularity of Instagram and Twitter , Facebook continues to command lion’s share of photo sharing market (80% vs Instagram’s 17% and Twitter’s 3%)

What about you?