tapsBook is a hit!

Don’t be an app monkey.  Use good ones, chuck the rest.

At last count, there were approximately 12 zillion apps available for the downloading public.  And download we do.  Filling our devices with colorful icons that eventually lose their meaning and leave us wondering why we sacrificed some of our precious storage space to something we rarely if ever use.  I cruised my iPad today and found several that, even with a gun to my head, I could not have identified by name, let alone function.  With so many from which to choose, the dilemma becomes one of getting what you need, and not getting what you don’t.  Apps that do most of what you want, forcing you to get more apps to do the rest of what you want is no way to live today.


It’s all about you.  And your pictures!

After we load our devices with apps for work, we naturally seek out ways to make our coveted personal moments more productive, more fun, and more entertaining.  A lot of that entertainment comes from snapping pictures.  Selfies, candids and some remarkable arty images are now available to us via our dazzling devices.  Collectively, we create more pixels every day than there are stars in the universe.  (Ok, probably not, but you get the idea)

Once we have our cache of photos, most of them languish on our hard drives, never to be seen again.  And that’s a pity.  It’s also a thing of the past.


Look like a pro, even if you’re not.

tapsBook is a free app that allows you to create professional looking photo flipbooks in minutes, then send them to your friends via social media or email. It’s a whole lot easier than keeping a blog, with no complicated set up.  If you can point with your finger, you can use tapsBook.  And you won’t get bounced by servers with incoming message size limitations like you would if you sent even a few large photos to friends via your email client.  Want to print your photo book?  A button lets you send them straight to Walgreens for processing, with same day pickup.  What’s not to love?


It’s about real life

tapsBook works.  Here’s a realistic scenario that tapsBook was made for:  Let’s say on Friday you made a boffo presentation at work that you had your friend photograph so you could remind your boss how indispensable you are.  That night, you celebrate and take some pictures of your nutty friends.  The next day, you go to another friend’s wedding and capture all the tear-jerking moments.  On Sunday, you explore your arty side and make like the next Ansel Adams.   By then, you have a ton of snaps that will never be seen by your adoring public.  Wrong!   Select individual covers, add text, and select your page layout. Load up images from Flickr, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook and more.  Click “Publish” and you are finished making multiple photo books in minutes.  The hardest part will be choosing which of your photo books to share…



tapsBook is available to download for free and allows you to share 500 photos. An all-inclusive subscription starting from $2.99/month or $24.99/year offers unlimited photo books creation and sharing, and 4GB cloud storage for saving shared photo books.

tapsBook's Subscription Plans

tapsBook’s Subscription Plans








We believe the subscription model is the most efficient way to offer our service…other experts in the photography and digital storage fields agree.  Check out what they (as well as our very own CEO Sherwood Yao) are saying at http://blog.zuora.com/zblog/2014/02/storing-photos-online-how-the-subscription-model-makes-it-easier.html