Unleash your creativity with tapsBook’s powerful text creation capabilities

It is true a picture is worth a thousand words, but a photo story becomes much more powerful with quotes, captions and phrases as they help tell the story along with the photos and guide the viewer through the pictures.

tapsBook continues to improve with each release…this time, placing incredible text creation powers at the fingertips of our users.

  • Brand new text editing interface:  tapsBook now offers the richest user experience  in text creation of all visual storytelling apps.  The clunky text editor that always seem to be in the way of the pictures has been replaced with an elegant and sleek text editor toolbar across the top of the screen.  From it, you have direct access to more than 10 fonts, text size and alignment options.   Simply click on the text color icon to bring up the color palette (more than 20 colors)…

Text Editor Bar



Unlike other visual storytelling apps, we build text in boxes at the center of the page every time, so you always know where the text box will end up and you can adjust the block of text to where you’d like it to be after you’re done.

Text Editing with Toolbar







  • Addition of  background color option and layering capabilities: We are further extending our lead in the creative space with the capability to specify the background color of textboxes.   This addition – when combined with the new ability to manipulate multiple layers of text and elements - opens up a whole new world of possibilities for creative and visually interesting page designs!

Creative layout

With the simple and intuitive text creation interface and many added style options, you will enjoy creating dynamic and engaging narration with ease for your photo stories!

We would LOVE to hear how you like the new text creation interface and how you plan to get real creative with your photo books with the added capabilities in the comments!