Do you love picture quotes? Capture them using tapsBook!

I love quotes.  They not only precisely express what we currently feel and believe, they also remind and inspire us to be better in the future.  For me, quotes often provide a fresh perspective on things.

For this reason, I – as well as many people – love to store quotes so we can refer back to them for laughter/encouragement/inspiration/comfort when the need arises.

Picture quotes are especially powerful as they drive the points home with accompanying visual images.

This is where tapsBook can help you…there are many creative uses for tapsBook and this is one of them: using tapsBook to create your own personal picture quotebook!

Simply organize them into topics or other categorization to your liking in any of the photo sources we support, then important them with one top and you’ll have a picture quotebook you can come back to when you need a few words of wisdom/encouragement/inspiration!

Here’s picture quotebook that I created on gratitude – take a look!  We look forward to hearing how you are planning to use tapsBook to store your favorite picture quotes in the comments.