The power of visual storytelling

We all love to share, remember and tell stories. We are storytellers. In a very literal sense, we are stories.

As Guy Merrill, art director at Getty Images, pointed out, the ubiquity of mobile devices has enabled us to capture all our experiences, not just the key events, celebrations and milestones of our lives. From the exciting to mundane – we can record snapshots of our lives any time, any place, anywhere. To paraphrase Merrill, ‘mobile phones are our archives; they are a time capsule of our lives’.

However, an endless collection of random photos is different than a true storytelling book and the difference is in the details. Details help you tell your story, by showing the viewer where and what to focus on that is the most memorable and captures the vibe and feel of your story. In the end, the photo book you create is a way to bring you back to the moments that made up your story. This is why Tapsbook chose the photo book format; it is the best way for visual storytelling as it provides you with a beautiful way to share the details – the photos themselves and added text – that grab your heartstrings and take you instantly back.

We know from firsthand experience that the many photo book apps out in the market still require significant time and work, and that is why we took the automated approach…at the same time, we realize different users may want to customize the book to different extent, so we provide complete flexibility for you to customize the books as much or as little as you’d like.

We are extremely grateful and honored for the opportunity to help you share, remember, and tell your life stories as each one is history in the making – thank you.