Rating photos has never been this addictive and fun!

There are already a zillion photo apps out there…like one of our users commented on App Store, “I need another photo app like a hole in my head, but this is so different.”

Why is Tapsbook so different? It has four key differentiators that combined will provide a user with a unique experience that can’t be found among our competitors…today, we would like to discuss one of them: our innovative user experience of curating photos.

Curating photos essentially is organizing photos into a collection…in the case of Tapsbook, since the app already organizes based on two dimensions – time and source album – it allows you a third dimension: based on ratings.

Rating photos is an intimidating task for most people for two main reasons:
1) The sheer number of photos one usually has to go through usually stops one dead in one’s tracks.
2) It is such a time-consuming and monotonous task that it rarely gets completed.

To tackle these 2 pain points, we reimagined the photo curating experience on mobile to be easy, fast, and fun. Upon opening any photo story book, tap the “Photowall” on the page menu bar and you can rate all the photos in the book in no time:

  • Swipe a photo up to favorite it and add it to “Best of Year” book
  • Swipe a photo down hide the photo

Our beta users informed us that this feature is “insanely addictive.”

No other mobile apps allow you to go through hundreds of photos so quickly and intuitively…we guarantee that with Tapsbook, going through your hundreds of photos will no longer be work, but a pleasure.

Try it out and let us know if you’re helplessly addicted to it! :)