Flickr meets Tapsbook in upcoming release

As Wade described in his blog, there are are 11 reasons why Flickr is a better place than Facebook to put your photos…this article, as well as numerous requests from our customers,  prompted us to provide support for Flickr.  Today, we are glad to announce that Tapsbook will allow you to build stories using your photos from Flickr in the upcoming Tapsbook 1.0.5 release.

For those Flickr friends new to Tapsbook, you might be asking, why do I need Tapsbook if I am already using Flickr.  The answer is simple: Tapsbook helps you to tell the best stories by enabling you to unleash your creativity. Flickr at its core is a photo storage service; the newly designed modern web UI remains focused on displaying photos, many at a time, and less about storytelling.

Tapsbook, on the other hand, sets you free and allow you to quickly build then personalize your stories. Once built, the stories can be easily shared just like individual photos. Read our younger son’s “My First Year” story below and contrasts that with what would’ve been merely a set of photos in Flickr. (Keep in mind all the photos do come from online sources, such as Flickr or Facebook, you can tap the photo to interact with the photo)

We hope this new photo source addition will make many of our users very happy!

Are you excited about the Flickr? Let us know in the comments.