Capture any event forever and relive it any time!

Although viewing photos by time seems intuitive, we understand that at times, you may want to view the photos just as you have organized them in albums/folders (often times by events). From anniversaries to birthdays and graduations, any event can be celebrated with a personalized photo book. Therefore, in addition to the auto-generated photo story books that are organized by time (specifically by month), Tapsbook also auto-generate books by their source album…think of the two available views as two sides of the same coin.

This is extremely useful when you want to quickly view photos that are: a subset of the monthly book (ie. a weekend trip to the mountains or a birthday party your son was invited to) or from different months (ie. a Christmas book containing all the best Christmas photos each year since your child’s birth).

To get to the “Source album” view, simply tap on “Source album” at the center of the Home Screen and you will see photos from your selected photostreams organized by its source (ie.Dropbox, Facebook, Google Images, iPad Photos), with each book representing a photostream or substream.

Source album example

Source album example

Next time you have an event big or small, you can relax and just snap away…after all, you know Tapsbook will do all the hard work of pulling in all your photos and arranging them into a beautiful virtual photo story book for you in no time!

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