Tapsbook loves Facebook

When we search “Tapsbook” on Google, it always suggests “Did you mean: Facebook”, looks like Google already feel our love for Facebook.

Screenshot on 6_29_2013 at 11_21_24 AM

Indeed, we love Facebook…so much that we are announcing that we now support signing into Tapsbook directly with your Facebook account (from build 62), and it doesn’t stop there; we added a few more integration points based on your suggestions:

  1. Automatic user sign up: If this is your first time sign in, we automatically create a new account at Tapsbook on your behalf using your Facebook account info, so it is a seamless user experience.
  2. Automatic user info sync: We not only sign you in automatically, we pull your Facebook user info into your Tapsbook account automatically so you don’t have to enter any user info.
  3. Sharing of your beautiful Tapsbook stories directly on Facebook: This is instant share and there is no wait! By default, the access is set so that only your friends can view the book.


Notice item #3 above is in addition to our existing feature of sharing individual book pages to Facebook, so now you have total flexibility to share either one page or a whole story book on Facebook – all with just 1 click!

We know you will enjoy these new enhancements and welcome any thoughts – let us know in the comments!