Create your yearbook as the year goes by!

Do you create and print a yearbook at the end of the year (or perhaps at the beginning of the following year for procrastinators like me :P ) as a keepsake to preserve the best moments throughout the year? If so, I am sure you can relate to my fear of this daunting task: picking few hundreds “best” photos out of thousands in a week – or maybe even days if the coupon code for 50% off photobook is expiring within a week. Add to that the even more time-consuming task of writing witty captions for at least of the pages…and you’re complaining more about the creating the photobook than you are enjoying the precious memories it contains!

We’ve been there and we feel the pain. This is why in Tapsbook, we have created a “Best of Year” book for each year in your “time book” view. As the year progresses and your monthly time books are created, simply sit back and browse through the photos on our app and like the best ones (click on the little heart icon to the bottom left of the photo); these “liked” photos will automatically be added to the correct “Best of Year” book based on the date of the photo. This means that during any time of the end of the year, you’ll have all your best memories throughout the year already captured in your beautifully virtual yearbook!