Tapsbook is a mission-driven app that aims to simplify photo book creation and sharing and enhance relationships. We want it to have far-reaching impact, and have priced the app accordingly.

Tapsbook is a free iPad app to download and we offer a free tier service that starts from 500 photos for new members (as a special thanks to our beta users, they each get 2x or 1000 free photos) and goes up to 2000 photos (through our referral program). This means that if you have a small number of photos, Tapsbook is free for ever.

For folks with lots of photos, to offset our operation costs, we offer two plans: 1) Simple all-inclusive subscription plan and 2) Pay as you go plan.  Subscription plan starts at only $2.99/month ($24.99 a year: 30% discount) and includes 5GB (about 10,000 photos) of Tapsbook private cloud storage. By default, your subscription plan is set to automatically renew at the end of your subscription.  There is no contract to sign and you can cancel any time.

Subscription plan with Tapsbook private storage

Subscription plan with Tapsbook private storage

As outlined in our previous Hybrid cloud and Bring Your Own Storage article, you may choose to lower your cost by using your own Dropbox or Google Drive storage account and choose a Pay As You Go plan instead of the default subscription plan. You can buy 1,000 photos for just $1.99 or 10,000 photos for $15.99 (20% discount). We offer this plan to help folks who will only heavily use the app during certain times of the year (such as holidays, birthdays, summer months, Mother’s Day etc).

Pay as you go plan with own storage
Pay as you go plan with own storage

We picked these 2 cloud storage providers to begin with due to their reputation and/or low cost.

On May 13, Google announced that it is unifying Gmail, Drive, and Google+ storage: all users now get 15GB of shared space and Google Drive storage powers Google+ photos, Auto Backup, Google Drive, Gmail, and Picasa. One huge benefit Google offers that many people do not know about: You can store an unlimited number of standard size photos (photos will be resized to 2048 pixels on the longest edge) on Google+ as they do not count against your Google Drive storage quota. Per Google, Standard size photos are best for web sharing, and have a resolution designed to look great on tablets.

In light of Flickr’s recent announcement that it is now offering one free terabyte of storage space per user, we will be supporting both Flickr photostream and Flickr storage in the next release.

As Tapsbook launches and ramps up over the next few months, there will be many opportunities for you to show your support and earn free photos at the same time so stay tuned!

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