Take double-sided photos with Dblcam

Just read about this innovative and fun app and had to share it!

Do you ever wonder who takes the pictures that you are viewing and what his/her expression was like when he/she took the picture? Now you can with “Dblcam”.

It is a free app which allows you to use both cameras on your iPhone to create a single image.

The featured image is an example of my 3-year-old taking a photo of his older brother playing with a bubble machine:

Here are some great uses of Dblcam as suggested by Nicky from Photocruncher:
- Capture your friends + yourself in one photo
- Photograph something and capture your reaction
- Shoot the ground below and sky above
- Get creative and line up textures and patterns
- Capture what’s in front of you and whats behind you
- Point it anywhere and flip the camera around to make crazy unexpected images

While I probably won’t get terribly creative with the app, I see it yielding tremendous value for moms (including myself), who often are the photographers and thus missing from the pictures. This app will provide a way for us to be in the photos while taking them…though that may not always be a good idea (I can get quite frustrated when I can’t get my boys to stay still and smile for a shot so there may be a rather upset/annoyed face on one side of the photo :) ).

How are you planning on using this app? Let us know in the comments!