Our Facebook integration makes celebrating Friendship Day (8/5) a breeze!

Did you know that the First Sunday in August is International Friendship Day?  Friends are jewels and are sure worthy of celebrating!

What would we do without our friends (the real ones)?! Like family, they are the ones that make our lives interesting and wonderful and accompany us through the many ups and downs of our lives.  They are absolutely essential for our well-being…as Dave Brenner best puts it, “Treasure the tears, treasure the laughter, but most importantly, treasure the memories.”

What would be a better way to celebrate friendship than to preserve all of the precious moments you share with your close or best friend(s) in a photo book as a reminder of all you’ve been through together?!  With a tight Facebook integration, Tapsbook makes it so simple to import your friends’ photos and albums from Facebook…just select the friends (multi-selection supported) whose photos and albums you want to add to your photobooks, and with a few taps, voilà! It’s done!


I recently read about a touching story of a woman who was creating a beautiful photo book filled with the memories of six best friends growing up together and spanned several decades.  The book was intended as a loving gift for one of them who is battling cancer.  I can only imagine the expression of the receiving woman’s face when the book is presented to her – how her tearful eyes would light up with joy – and how this extraordinary book will provide her with the encouragement and strength in the tough battle against cancer!


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