Mobile photography is here to stay!

Camera phones have modified the way we take and share photos. The quality of camera has vastly improved too and now, when a mobile company releases a new flagship handset, one of the big

Inspire yourself with a Travel Bucket List Photo Book

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – Saint Augustine If given the opportunity, we would encourage others to experience this amazing and beautiful world of

Last minute personalized gift for Dad that will make him smile!

Father’s Day is this weekend…if you haven’t found the the perfect gift for Dad yet, relax – we can help.  The best gifts are the unique ones you create yourself. With tapsBook, you can

Is the new Apple iCloud Drive the best Cloud Storage for photographers and photo organizers?

Earlier this week at WWDC 2014, Apple announced a new iOS8 and OS X new release Yosemite.  Most media were excited about Apple taking on Android seriously, but few mentioned a new service that

The Power of Visual Storytelling for Organizations

As humans, we love stories because our brains are wired to respond to them. However, in today’s digital world, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter…this is the power of visual storytelling –

Stop the Seal Slaughtering

Over the weekend, tapsBook team read a lot about the cruel seal hunt that takes place every year in Canada and how over 2 million seals have been killed, bludgeoned, and skinned since 2002

tapsBook is a hit!

Don’t be an app monkey.  Use good ones, chuck the rest. At last count, there were approximately 12 zillion apps available for the downloading public.  And download we do.  Filling our devices with colorful

Unleash your creativity with tapsBook’s powerful text creation capabilities

It is true a picture is worth a thousand words, but a photo story becomes much more powerful with quotes, captions and phrases as they help tell the story along with the photos and guide the viewer

Do you love picture quotes? Capture them using tapsBook!

I love quotes.  They not only precisely express what we currently feel and believe, they also remind and inspire us to be better in the future.  For me, quotes often provide a fresh perspective

2014 CES Mobile App Showdown App-reneur Winner

We are so humbled and honored to be one of the first two winners of the App-reneur scholarship from the Kay Family Foundation. We were informed by Robin Raskin, founder of Living in Digital Times, that